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INVU is proud to be the first organization in Saudi Arabia to be Certified by MSPA.
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About INVU

logoSaudi Vision 2030
INVU stands as a global team of innovative, insightful and collaborative experts who deliver creative, meaningful and, above all, sustainable results suitable for your business needs. We are a proud team of management consultants who focus on generating efficient and strategic insights to deliver complete solutions for business growth and sustainability. We dare to challenge conventional thinking by creating customized approaches; optimized to suite our clients’ needs and challenges, enabling them achieve both immediate and long-term business objectives. INVU's expertise come from a wide range of technical and business industries equipped with high qualifications from top-ranked business and engineering institutes worldwide. We pride ourselves on delivering great outcomes for every one of our clients.
In a transforming economy and an ambitious dream for Saudi Arabia, INVU offers innovative market research solutions to scientifically measure services and products provided to consumers. This comes in compliance in both time and methodology with Vision 2030 targets and performance measuring. INVU measures consumer satisfaction through innovative applications such as Mystery Shopping, questionnaires & surveys, and focus groups to enable enterprises achieve their strategic objectives in the Saudi market and increase their revenue model.

What INVU Deliver

Transparency and Impartiality

INVU provides comprehensive and specialized performance reports according to international standards with all transparency and impartiality. The tools, models, and methodologies used by INVU are 100% unbiased to any external factors. We value honesty in results and details to the decision makers just as much as they value the business they are delivering to their customers.

The Right Performance Indicators

Enable the executives and decision makers in the establishments to monitor the performance, service quality and products provided to the consumer. INVU understands how busy it can get to run a business, nevertheless the detail of requirements in studying the performance of your business. What information to collect, where, when and how. INVU takes care of these fine details by delivering the right performance indicators your business needs to monitor in the right time.

Business Development

INVU strongly believes that data driven policies and action plans for businesses are necessary for business growth. When we take the time in analyzing business performance and consumer behavior, we become closer to delivering the right proposed action plan to drive the business towards efficiency. Ensure the proposed action plans are within the strategic corporate objectives

Measurement Platforms

With the expansion of the digital age we live in today, INVU believes that all your business performance metrics should be digitized and readily accessible in a conveniently custom designed platform. Measuring consumer satisfaction, service quality and products provided to them by the shopper, the results of surveys, and the outcome of focus groups should all be one click away.


Review performance metrics to comply with the company goals and benchmarks, collecting and providing data to validate critical decisions because companies can no longer rely solely on customer service and hard work to sustain a competitive advantage.

INVU Services

Customer Experience

We help you provide the best experience for your customers by measuring the services and products using the latest technology and measurement tools
•Mystery shopping: Top qualified and trained shoppers across the kingdom
•Customer journey: evaluate and design the customer journey to increase efficiency and sales
•Real-time evaluation of the service via smart devices technology

Market Research

•Data Collection and Analysis: Assisting decision makers in obtaining data and studying market trends
•INVU Hour: Our exclusive solution, a custom designed mirror of consumer behavior to the decision makers when it comes to product/consumer interactions and impressions at all targeted distribution sites.. The service exceeds individual products and services assessments to also include competitor analysis.
•Focus groups: Measure the reaction of customers to your new product or company strategies. help identify the product requirements of the end-user

Social Media Analysis

•In-depth analysis and real-time network interaction indicators
•The top hashtags, topics, tweets,and users who tweet, and retweeting rates

Staff Climate Surveys

INVU reflects the employees satisfaction with complete transparency and confidentiality

Social Media Management

Full management of all social media platforms along with content design

After Assessment Services

•Providing integrated training programs to qualify and develop employees skills
•Offering suitable recruitment solutions for all sectors


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    Frequently Asked Questions


    INVU brings to your business the latest technology in consumer behavior analytics. Whether your business is small, medium or large our combination of international expertise and local talents from the Kingdom ensures you will have practical solutions that adhere to the local market behavior well. We have a large network of trained shoppers across the kingdom (locals and expats) to fit the clients’ business needs regardless of size or location. We are the first and only Saudi firm certified by MSPA focusing on Mystery Shopping as a core service.
    INVU can deliver the right tools for your business to help you figure out how to maintain and grow the business efficiently.
    We take data security and privacy extremely seriously and we know they are also important to our clients. INVU follows the signed NDA with its clients to every letter and adheres to the best practices and standards of data security.
    For each task we select corresponding validator according to their individual skills. These skills have been verified through trainings and tests. Furthermore, their skills are continuously subjected to evaluation based on the work results. In addition, the high quality of the work results are secured by special quality management measures such as statistical process control, audits, peer reviews and evaluation.
    Contact us or leave us a message we are happy to give you full details on our services that fit your business needs.


    Go the following link:, fill the requested registration form then view the Help Documents and videos
    • Follow directions
    • Honesty
    • Reliability
    • Friendliness
    • Writing skills
    • Pay attention to the details
    • Good memory
    • Go in shopping assignments
    • Fill the designated survey
    • upload documents/pictures/videos of the visit
    It depends on the visit assignment, sometimes it’s a payment, sometimes it’s a product or a service and sometimes it’s both. Shopper will always know the benefits of each visit before being assigned.
    Read the Help Documents and videos then follow the visit instructions

    Apply As Mystery Shopper

    Do you have have a keen eye for details get paid to shop and tell us about your experience, The largest team of both males and females in data collection and surveys field, Join us now and be among those who contribute to the society improving & development


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    Contact us or leave us a message we are happy to give you full details on our services that fit your business needs
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    Riyadh: 8134 Wadi Ash Shawki, 5424, An Nuzhah Riyadh 11514 Tel:0538855849


    Eastern Province Branch: 2666 Prince Turkey Street, Corniche, Al Khobar 34412 Saudi Arabia Tel:0538855849

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